Preparation, Ritual, and Abandonment: Life & Business In Flow

In this episode, I cover:

- How a true flow state creates more value and deeper work
- What Trey Anastasio’s pre-show routine taught me about true flow
- The 3 things that create the conditions for your best work to emerge: Preparation, Ritual, and Abandonment
- Preparation for sales calls, public speaking, and content creation
- My current morning routine/ritual and why you shouldn’t copy someone else’s morning routine
- What happens if you don’t practice abandonment (it’s bad)

Show Notes:
- How Does Trey Anastasio Prepare For A Show?
- Trey’s Full Pre-Show Ritual:
- The Creative Act by Rick Rubin:
- Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara:

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Preparation, Ritual, and Abandonment: Life & Business In Flow
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